New configuration of C&G self adhesive labelling units


Celebrating its 65th anniversary of the foundation this year, Cavagnino & Gatti doesn’t stop to innovate and has recently developed new setups for self-adhesive labelling units.

These stations are equipped with motorized slide rails for quick adjustment according to the bottle diameter: horizontal and vertical labelling unit movements are automated and accessible from the touchscreen panel selecting the desired bottle size. In this new configuration it’s easier to select automatic positioning of labelling units, with increased possibilities for the motorized slide rails movements, inclination and tilting.

A further new aspect is the separation between mechanical and electronic components. The new electrical board separated from the unit makes practical touch panel controls and facilitates access to the driver and to the electronic board. All electrical connection for the labelling units are placed in this practical electrical board. Moreover, the new configuration allows to reach a larger inclination of labelling terminal unit, gibing the possibility to label bottles in a variety of shapes.

This configuration improves precision, positioning variations, easy use and ensures better accessibility for maintenance and cleaning, thanks to the anchorage to machine base that doesn’t require ground support.