News 2021


Cavagnino & Gatti’s commitment to follow up the actual needs of the customer results in a constant renewal of machines. The labelling machine recently acquired by an important distiller in Guyana, shows some interesting news, as result of this continuous improvement.

The CG-BL-12-3XPSHi-CF-6-MP labeller, with 12 bottle platforms on central carousel and 3 labelling heads, allows to apply 3 different self-adhesive labels on a wide range of cylindrical, conical and shaped bottles, providing a production rate up to 11000 bph.

The machine includes the mechanical bottom lug orientation of bottles (CF system) and the MP programmable bottle platform rotation system.

The self-adhesive labelling heads are XPSHi type. The new configuration, with the electrical board separated from the unit, allows to reach a wider inclination of the labelling units, with increased possibilities for the motorized slide rails movements, inclination and tilting. These stations are equipped with motorized slide rails for quick adjustment according to the bottle diameter: movements are automated and accessible from the touchscreen panel selecting the desired bottle size.

The 10’’ touchscreen panel is installed on a swivel arm to be easily accessible from different positions, the control cabinet integrated with machine frame has new design with double control side.


Furthermore, the labelling machine is provided with a motorized double reel unwinder, providing a no-stop production without interruption for label reel change.

In order to make changeovers as practical as possible, the redesigned centerguide is divided in two parts. This design ensures a safe and ergonomic replacement of the centerguide, without requiring to remove inlet and outlet starwheels.

Finally, the renewed pneumatic system includes a pneumatic pressure regulator for the bottles holder heads located in an easily accessible position and clearly visible by the operator.