The success of Cavagnino&Gatti’s labelling machines in Scotland

Several Cavagnino & Gatti labelling machines have recently been supplied to Scotland's most prestigious distilleries. These machines are intended for very high-quality production, with demand for extreme precision and a wide variety of mechanical and/or optical orienting.

 A CG-TL-6-3XPSP-SFG-CF-2-MP labelling machine with 3 XPSP self-adhesive labelling units, motorized platforms and optical orientation system (SFG) was delivered to the historic Bruichladdich distillery. This is the third Cavagnino & Gatti machine purchased by the customer.

Edradour Whisky Distillery has renewed their bottling lines, choosing four Cavagnino & Gatti labelling machines.

For mignon bottles line, a CG-80-6-2XPSP-3 labelling machine has been supplied for application of self-adhesive body and back labels for productions up to 3500 bph.

A CG-TL-6-4RPS-SFG-3-MP has been chosen to apply self-adhesive wrap-around neck label, body label, back label and UK stamp onto cylindrical, tapered or shaped whiskey bottles up to 3000 bph.

The CG-TL-5-2XPSP-SFG-2-MP labelling machine has been designed and manufactured for the special application of 2 self-adhesive labels onto cylindrical or shaped carton tubes containing whiskey bottles. Such containers can be optically oriented.

Finally, the CG-TL-6-3XPSP-SFG-2-MP allows the application of self-adhesive body label, back label and UK stamp onto cylindrical, tapered or shaped whiskey bottles up to 4000 bph.

The famous Benriach distillery purchased the fourth Cavagnino & Gatti machine, a CG-BL-12-3XPSPi-SFGD-5-MP to apply self-adhesive body, neck and back labels onto cylindrical and shaped bottles up to 9000 bph.

Finally, the prestigious Scotch whisky producer Gordon & Macphail chose his third Cavagnino & Gatti labelling machine, a CG-84CLR-2-9-3XPSP-SFG-CF-3-MP with 2 wet glue labelling units and 3 XPSP self-adhesive labelling units for the application of:

 - Wet glue body and back label, self-adhesive UK stamp

 - Self-adhesive body and back labels and UK stamp

 - Self-adhesive wrap-around label

 The success of Cavagnino & Gatti labelling machines in Scotland is also due to the valuable collaboration with Suprima Service Ltd (, which positively handles both commercial and technical matters.