We were born and raised in Canelli, one of the world's most important regions for wine-making mechanics and technological solutions for the wine sector. We are specialised in the design and manufacturing of wet glue and self-adhesive labelling machines for bottles of all sizes and formats: still wines, sparkling wines, spirits and beers.

Machines designed for maximum precision: the rectangular and square shapes of many bottles of oil and vinegar leave no room for approximation. Our technologies allow us to minimise the tolerance of label placement and ensure no defects.
In the most varied types of packaging, we can label these products handling glass or plastic containers, large or small.
Solutions suitable for the labelling of jars of various shapes and sizes, intended in particular for food packaging: olives, honey, jams, preserves, chocolate, sauces, and pickled vegetables. Our machines are suitable to apply various label formats and any tamper evident seals.
Do you need extra small packaging? No problem. We design solutions suitable for “mignon” sizes: accuracy and details.
Keyword: extra care for this type of packaging - often soft, fragile or with sensitive contents - we create solutions that act with accuracy, care and speed. Machines on which it is possible to adjust the pressure of the pneumatic heads to avoid crushing and deformation.
We develop solutions and build dedicated technologies for special applications and particularly complex packaging shapes. A few examples? We have developed labelling machines for egg containers, cardboard tubes to store fine spirits, plastic bottles used as containers for chocolates, powdered coffee packages, bag in box for wines and the application of the DOCG mark. Our machines can be equipped with deionisers to eliminate static electricity generated by the presence of particular materials.